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Virtual Event

Virtual Event

Virtual Event

Wii-interactive concert held
in downtown NYC.

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Ciemaar's latest project gets accolades from Channel 3B with the grand opening on 8/11.

The dada-esque project has been the combined effort of several virtual world developers. Books of the poetry generated by the lit factory are also available for the die hards.

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Will has an outline plan up on how to recover from emergency server outages and disaster scenarios.

"...a body of documentation useful in emergencies would be a collection of network diagrams telling you which device is responsible for routing which networks... where the firewall is and what services it is expected to pass and to who, how the SAN is configured, what devices to power on and in what order, and who to call for access."

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Fellow online adventurer Kathryn Jones and her fearless troop have started airing live, unedited streams of a new show, called "35" as part of their live broadcast initiative. For the first time viewers are encouraged to download all the footage for at will re-editing and mash-up changes to the way the program was filmed.

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As part of the VirtualLive.TV concert in downtown New York, New World Media put together an in-club Nentendo Wii system --the first ever combined event using the Wii gyroscopic technology to interact in a 3D reflexive event space.

The system was put in place to allow live event attendees to view and interact in real time with global clubbers who joined the show interactively through a streaming SL connection that was projected around the walls at life size.

Behind the scenes event photos are now online. did a feature on the event. MTV News liked the idea of joining events from any place and time. Our favorite DJ Nexus also had a post or two about the event.

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Rhiannon assisted Elle Waters with Will preparing additional audio tech for the upcoming BBC Documentary on online relationships. Rhiannon officiated the ceremony in a voice conference as the event was covered live, Duran Duran music and ballroom costumes et al. Rhiannon and Franz head up The Vesuvius Group for anyone looking for serious SL development and public relations events.